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  • What animal is your Daemon?
    Your Result: Mousedeer


    jemah jempot Apr 17 '18, 8:13AM
  • What animal is your Daemon?
    Your Result: European wildCat
    There is not much I can say about you. You do not feel the cold as much as others. You are unpredictable and can go from being a deep thinker to lashing out at someone etc.
    Result Breakdown:
    76% European wildCat
    66% Black Coyote
    26% Sihtzu
    26% Raccoon
    Quiz URL: [no urls]

    Sharmaine23 Sep 2 '12, 12:06PM
  • Awsome, I got black coyote. Is there really a black coyote or not? GO JACOB!

    Jennette291 Nov 26 '09, 8:46PM
  • black coyote. I like that word, Daemon. Is that real? I mean based on fact or something? Well yeah, that's probably obvious...

    Nallie Feb 16 '09, 10:48PM
  • Black coyote. Cool quiz.

    xxdarkxx Feb 16 '09, 9:20PM

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