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  • I am shooketh! XD I find a lot of quizzes where they make answers blatantly obvious but and I though this is where you were going with this too with a lot of simple questions. However, the animal surprised me and the questions that were asked left me wondering how the text underneath was accurate! 0.0 so good!! Make more quizzes!

  • What Animal Are You REALLY? (100% accurate)
    Your Result: Wolf! 88%

    You are brave and majestic! The only problem is, you also might be shy. Either this, or you are aggressive. But thats not a bad thing when you consider being the animal at the top of the food chain. You are also strong, and you probably enjoys the company of your pack. When someone else is in need, you hear their call and come for them.

    AHAHA my fav animal.
    Super quiz :D