what animal are you most like?

there are so many types of pets this quiz reveals what type of pet you are most like come and see it is so fun you will love and be surprised what type of animal you may get it is so much fun i hope you enjoy taking my quiz. this is really awesome.

what type of pet animal are you? most people would not ask themselves this question but the people who take this quiz might come and see for yourself what type of pet you might be if you were some type of animal. would you be a playfull monkey or perhaps a loving dog.

Created by: sissie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whaty is your favorite color.
  2. do you like animals
  3. why did you take this quiz
  4. if someone random walked up to you and said "i love you" what would you say?
  5. what do you most often find yourself thinking
  6. are you seriouse?
  7. if you go into a haunted house are you going to be scared?
  8. almost done ready to quit?
  9. ... ... ...
  10. hello

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Quiz topic: What animal am I most like?