What animal are you?

There are many animals out there, some good, some not so good! Animals can be loving, affectionate, but they can also be scary, and slimy. All animals are different!

What animal are you? Are you a good animal.... or a bad animal? Only this quiz can find out. And mind, no cheating, tell the truth otherwise the results will get mixed up and you might end up with a weird animal anyway! So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz!

Created by: Sarah
  1. Do you like climbing?
  2. You you prefer to stay at home, or go out
  3. Do you like heights?
  4. Are you strong? (Be truthful)Use scale, 1 being lowest 3 highest
  5. Are your pretty? Use the scale again! (Tell the truth!)
  6. Whats your most hated weather?
  7. Do you like being with people
  8. What your favorite animal out of these: (THESE AREN'T THE ANIMALS FOR THE RESULTS!!)
  9. Are you a veggie
  10. Did you like John and Edward from X factor? (doesn't change results!)

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Quiz topic: What animal am I?