What Animal Are You?

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There are so many animals out there, what animal were you meant to be? What was God originally going to make you? He probably had other plans for you.

What animal are YOU! Are you as fierce as a lion or as fragile as a little lamb? Are you smart like a velociraptor or a vegetarian like the giraffe? Thanks to this quiz you will find out in just a few clicks.

Created by: Panda
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  1. Do You Like Meat?
  2. Are You Fast
  3. Can you trick people?
  4. Do You Want this quiz to be over?
  5. Welp Im leaving yu
  6. JUST KIDDING 5 more questions
  7. BTW all of those questions were relevant including this 1
  8. Pick a Youtuber (this is relevant)
  9. Pick one
  10. Promise to comment?

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Quiz topic: What Animal am I?