what amusment park ride suits you?

What Amusement park ride fit you and your preferences? There are many rides but I listed a few common ones. It mostly depends on how brave you are when it comes to rides.

These are common rides found at places such as Cedar Point, Six Flags, Kennywood, Exedra. You will Most Likely know of the ride you get they are very general and not certain rides.

Created by: koalabear1
  1. On A scale of 1-4 how brave are you when it comes to thrill rides?
  2. What is your favorite thing about rides?
  3. What do you least like about rides?
  4. Have you ever peed your pants, Vomited, or cried on a roller coaster?
  5. What one of these rides sounds fun to you? (They are not real just judge by the name)
  6. If you had to bring one family member to a amusement park who would you choose?
  7. If a ride broke down you would...?
  8. Do you own season passes to a amusement park?
  9. If you answered no why don't you?
  10. Finally are you a chicken?

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Quiz topic: What amusment park ride suits me?