What is your favorite ride at Disney World

Do you want to see what your favorite Disney thrill ride is, if yes this is the quiz for you!!! From 10 awesome attractions, you can figure out what you will do!

You shouldn't be scared, this quiz show the ride you will be comfortable riding! Some rides are Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Test Track, and The Rock And Roll Coaster!

Created by: Zittorio Awesome

  1. Do you like thrills
  2. What is your dream vacation
  3. What is your favorite amusement park
  4. How many ZER0's are there? 0000O00OOO
  6. What is your favorite Disney Adventure
  7. Do you mind lines
  8. What is your favorite Disney Park
  9. Do you like thrills
  10. Where do you want to eat your meals

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Quiz topic: What is my favorite ride at Disney World