What Amulet (Shugo Chara) Would You Be?

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Before taking this quiz, guess your character and when you hit submit cover your eyes, count to three and check your character. For me I would always pick amulet Diamond.

So do you think you will get your favorite?.. I don't know what to say but one reason I don't like Amulet heart is because Tadase likes it (yes I am a amuto fan). This quiz is dedicated to the fans of Shugo Chara!

Created by: yasmin of AmuletDia1
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  1. Your favorite color is.
  2. Your favorite guardian is.
  3. You are good at.
  4. You hate
  5. You are a
  6. Your sign is?
  7. Three words.
  8. Unscramble the words and choose.
  9. You wear your hair in.
  10. Final question: are you a big manga fan?

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