What am I really about?

There are many people who know what I am. Are you one of those? Well I can only tell you if you take the quiz. Well hurry and take it stop reading. No seriously stop.

Do you know me? Well I can tell you if you take the quiz. I am pretty awesome but let's see if you can Handel it. Do you really know me. Come on. Bring it

Created by: Countrygirlz
  1. What's is my actual name?
  2. What is My favorite color?
  3. When is my birthday?
  4. What do I do on Saturday nights?
  5. How many guys have I dated in my entire life?
  6. Am I a virgin?
  7. What Are my hobbies?
  8. How many dance classes did I take as a kid?
  9. How old am I?
  10. What is my favorite song?
  11. How many dogs do I have?
  12. What religion am I?
  13. What is Munich hidden talent?
  14. What is my nick name my daddy gave me?
  15. What nationality am I?
  16. What is my dream?
  17. Comment on this quiz?

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