what after school activitie should you join

there are loads of after school activities so ive narrowed it down to the 4 main ones.this is a short 12 question quiz (question 9-12 dont have effect) this quiz is for boys and girls

so which after school activitie should you join.see which one you would enjoy more with this quiz.in minutes you will know.then you can join the activitie.im sure you will love it

Created by: howya123

  1. where is your favourite place
  2. who would you most rather be with
  3. what do you like doing
  4. have you ever been camping
  5. have you ever ben in a show
  6. whats your favourite subject
  7. bye
  8. seeya
  9. laaaa
  10. hi

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Quiz topic: What after school activitie should I join