What Adventure Time Chacter are You?

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this is my 6th quiz! yay! i hope you like it and i had alot of fun with it. I already ran outta stuff to say.. wow that werid for me..... so um.........

This is fun to do and you will find out what person you are and i am getting really boring..... so...... Plz rate and/or comment.......................

Created by: Fearless1111
  1. ok.. Out of these chacteristics which describes you?
  2. What out of these pharses do you like the most
  3. what weapon is best for you?
  4. out of all of these powers what would you like?
  5. I would rather be...
  6. On a scale of 0 to 5 how smart are you (HONEST!!!!!)
  7. What do you think of this quiz
  8. will you rate?
  9. will you comment
  10. pick one (very important to your score)
  11. are you ready for your results

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Quiz topic: What Adventure Time Chacter am I?