What Abby lee dance company member am I describing1!

This quiz is to find out two things 1 how much you know about the ALDC members 2 if you know wich ALDC member I am describing. You will find out your score at the end and at the same time I will give some advice on how to get a better score.

Then you can come back and try again and try to get a better score than last time. This quiz will tell you how much you know about the ALDC members. Good luck.

Created by: Alyssa of Dance dance dance star quiz
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  1. She is sassy
  2. She is a fire on stage
  3. She forgot her solo and instead of running of crying, she improved
  4. She is normally on bottum of the pyramid
  5. She was not on the team at the start of season 5
  6. She wears big bows
  7. She has not yet beaten another ALDC member
  8. She has blond hair
  9. Her mom is outrageus
  10. She is loud and obnoxiously. And her voice is annoying

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