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hey guys, i made this for people just a random thing for you to do so don't judge plz and but do tell me what you think. its only about what kind of wolf you are and rings like that.

if your a were wolf lover then take this because you can find out what kind of wolf you are! are you a grumpy wolf that hates everything or are you a true leader and helps others? take the quiz and find out!!

Created by: george123456

  1. what colour would you be?
  2. what rank would you be?
  3. would you have a mate?
  4. What would you do if you saw a rogue on you land?
  5. what would you do if one of the pups was dying from getting hurt and there nothing you could do?
  6. what would you do if you where trapped by hunters?
  7. what would you do if your pack found out you where a rouge once and you'd lied? and planned to kill you?
  8. Would you have pups of your own with your mate?
  9. Would you teach your pack a lesson by killing a wolf that did something bad to make sure not to mess about?
  10. Would you make are every pack memeber got a life they wanted before they die?

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