Are you a wolf or a vamp ......😄

There are people who think they are wolfs but really aren't you could be a demi wolf or even a blood sucker theirs no true way into finding out but to take this quiz

Its kind of easy being a demi wolf like me but hard being a full wolf because you go through transformations that hurt a lot like little needles stabbing you but its good because you become passionate and more care ful

Created by: Ani

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you love meat like every day you think about it.(oh yea hi)
  2. What's your fav color .
  3. Well I'm a wolf known as a demi wolf what about you.??
  4. Are good or bad
  5. What is your hair color
  6. Do you like the blood of deer.
  7. Do you like dogs or cats...
  8. Do you like vampire's or demi wolfs (means a wolf in its human form)
  9. What most describes you
  10. Where would you vacation at
  11. Last question. Who are you....
  12. OK wait nevermind this is last are you some what India like me

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Quiz topic: Am I a wolf or a vamp ......😄