what type of wolf are you?

I made this quiz because I love wolfs and I wanted to see if others did to also I wanted to see how many people are wolfs! I hope you enjoy my quiz! (and if you want you can comment what wolf you are)

I hope you like this quiz and make sure to rate it once your done! have fun and find out what wolf you are! and I hope you enjoy you can get started!!!

Created by: wolf_lover101

  1. what are your favorite colors?
  2. what do you what your wolf name to be?
  3. what is your personality?
  4. what is your element?
  5. what meat do you like?
  6. if you were in a wolf pack who would you be?
  7. what would you be if you were working for the alpha?
  8. what do your friends call you?
  9. what do you think about fighting?
  10. what do you feel about friends?

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Quiz topic: What type of wolf am I?