Watching the detectives

I'm a massive fan of this genre and I've tried to cover this type of quiz from the sixties to the present day. I would certainly welcome any critisism and of course praise from anybody. In my opinion a score of 80% plus is impressive.

I hope that I've compiled a quiz that isn't too difficult and not too easy. I'm very in-experienced at compiling quizzes and I'm hoping to improve over time and we'll see how I rate. All the best.

Created by: Iain McDougall
  1. What is Inspector Morse's christian name ?
  2. Which black actor starred in all the following Clint Eastwood movies : Dirty Harry, The Enforcer and Sudden Impact, and has the immortal line " I got's to know", on the steps of the bank that he has just robbed ?
  3. Which Aussie actor played Detective Ed Exley in L.A. Confidential ?
  4. The actor that plays Ernie Trigg in Inspector Frost is what relation to David Jason in real-life ?
  5. Who played DC Eliot in Z-Cars?
  6. Who played Captain Ed Hocken in the Naked Gun Series ?
  7. What car did Steve McQueen drive in Bullitt ?
  8. David Caruso (star of CSI Miami)starred opposite which two leading Hollywood actors in his first two features?
  9. When was "The Bill" first seen on British television ?
  10. What English actress plays Nicole Wallace, a recurring villain in Law and Order: Criminal Intent?
  11. Frank Sinatra, Sharon Stone & Orson Welles all starred in this US detective show?
  12. "Eye Level" by the Simon Park Orchestra was the theme tune to which seventies crime drama ?
  13. Who played Inspector frederick abberline in "From Hell" ?
  14. Steven Spielberg,Jonathan Demme & Ben Gazzara all directed which US crime show?
  15. In which movie did Clint Eastwood utter the immortal line "go ahead punk, make my day"?
  16. James Woods, Nick Nolte and Arnold Schwarzen----- all guest starred in which US crime drama ?
  17. Which drama won best picture academy award in 1967?
  18. Two stars of "Goodfellas" and both male stars of "Taxi Driver" all star together in one movie, which one?
  19. Name the actor that played Captain Dobie in "Starsky & Hutch"?
  20. Which actor appears in a minor role throughout the first season of Hill Street Blues as a gang leader ?
  21. What movie stars Detectives Thomas "Turk" Cowan and David "Rooster" Fisk ?
  22. This detective's adventures are adapted from books such as "The Hound of Death,The ABC Murders and Curtain"?
  23. Which CSI star has appeared in Miami Vice, Law & Order and New York Undercover ?
  24. Which tv detective's mourners included Jennifer Aniston, Angie Dickinson and Frank Sinatra?

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