Wat type of girl is your Gf guys only

Your girlfriend may have many secrets but do you know who she acutally is? In this quiz you can figure out what type of girl your girlfriend is. There so many types you should try it now!!!!!!!!

Do you know your girls type? Shy, popular, gothic, smart, cute, or sporty!! Thank to this quiz you can figre of how to empress her. Good luck and hopefully were right. ( please dnt be mad if were wrong)

Created by: Ricky

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  1. What is your girl friends fav colour?
  2. Is your girlfriend althetic?
  3. What type of book does your girlfriend usally read?
  4. What kind of grades does your girl friend get?
  5. how much does your girlfriend text?
  6. What are your Girlfriends hobbies?
  7. how much does your girlfriend play video games?
  8. How much creativity does your girlfriend have
  9. How long do u think u will date ur girlfriend?
  10. Where does your girlfriend like to date?

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Quiz topic: Wat type of girl is my Gf guys only