Warriors: which clan do you belong in?

There is 5 clans in the Warrior cat forest. Some belong to Windclan, some belong to Thunderclan. The warrior cat series is a well-known novel where there is 5 clans.

Which clan do YOU belong to? Do you have extreme speed? Or do you like Swimming? Do you enjoy nature? Do you like helping people? Or do you like to hide to yourself?

Created by: Emma
  1. would you rather?...
  2. How do you feel about the Warriors novels?
  3. Which warrior name would you rather have?
  4. Do you like to swim?
  5. Do you like to walk? or are you lazy?
  6. Do you like to run?
  7. Do you like to help other people? Charity?
  8. FREEBIE QUESTION!!!! :)all are right
  9. At last, what clan do you feel you belong in?
  10. What are you hobbies?

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Quiz topic: Warriors: which clan do I belong in?