WARRIORS LOVE STORY (You as the she-cat)

This fun quiz is about your Warrior Cats love life! You will get one out of three results: Dashwind, Thornstripe, and Sparkpelt. Please rate and comment. You don't have to though, if you don't want to.

GREAT STARCLAN THESE PARAGRAPH THINGIES ARE ANNOYING. Anyway, I hope you like this quiz and I also hope you're happy with your result. This is my second quiz so it might suck. But anyway, ENJOY!

Created by: KrazyGirl765

  1. Your name is Sunkit. You are twomoons old and your mother's name is Skyflower. The other queen in the nursery has three kits: Dashkit, Thornkit, and Sparkkit. Who do you play with?
  2. ok fast forward. You're an apprentice now and you're excited! Dashpaw comes over and tells you his mentor said that they can practice hunting with you and your mentor. You:
  3. On a border patrol you run into FlameClan. They accuse you of crossing the border and one of them looks like he wants to scratch you. What happens next?
  4. You make friends with another apprentice named Silverpaw. You two are talking and she asks you tell her who you love.
  5. Palestar, the leader, finally makes you warriors after moons of training. Your name is Sunbreeze. Dashpaw is Dashwind, Thornpaw is Thornstripe, and Sparkpaw is Sparkpelt. during your vigil, who do you sit next to?
  6. You are in a battle with IceClan! You're fighting a black tom when you see Sparkpelt struggling underneath a cat who's about to attack him! What do you do?
  7. Thornstripe comes over to you and tells you he loves you. Your reaction:
  8. You decide to the cat you love that you love them. You tell:
  9. Dashwind gets made deputy of WillowClan! What do you think of his promotion?
  10. who do you love?

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