What Warrior cats role is your oc?

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This is a quiz that tells what warrior role you best fit.(I tried my very hardest and would also love it if you wrote about your oc in the comments! I love reading warriors oc expansions)

This includes all roles there is in the Warriors series, clans. (Kittypets or rouges/loners not included sorry!) Hope you enjoy my quiz, I doubt I will make another, however if it’s high in demand I’ll do so. (Im also thinking about making one of those “love stories”, I enjoy those myself hehe)

Created by: RippleCloud
  1. First of all, how would you describe your warriors oc?
  2. What are the things listed below that apply to your oc
  3. Your oc is patrolling the Clan’s border, when suddenly the flame red pelt of a fox slinks through the forest. What does your oc do?
  4. Medicine cat pop quiz: what do Juniper berries do?
  5. Your oc gets some prey from the fresh-kill pile. What do they pick?
  6. Your oc is presented with six options on what they can do today. What do they pick?
  7. Does your oc have a good connection with StarClan?
  8. You oc goes to the clan gathering. Who do they decide to sit by?
  9. Would your oc be helpful in a crisis?
  10. Finally, did you enjoy this quiz? (This doesn’t count for marks, don’t worry.)

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Quiz topic: What Warrior cats role is my oc?