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Created by: Amber of WarriorCats27.webnode.com
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  1. You are a tom kit, and your name is Badgerkit. You got your name because you have brown fur and two white stripes on your forehead like a badger. You have a sister called Ivykit. She got her name because she is stubborn like poison ivy. You walk outside and the first thing that happens is you tumbling into every kit. You look up and see their faces. You get up and Heronkit greets you right away. Hi Badgerkit! Hawkkit glares at you, and you can tell she is not as friendly as Heronkit. Eaglekit grinns at you, and Falconkit shyly looks away. Lightningkit gives you a warm smile, while Thunderkit curiously looks at you. Ivykit follows you, and sees your cheeks getting red.
  2. You just had your and your sisters, and the other kits apprentice ceremonies, and you mentor Ashpool takes you to battle train with Heronpaw. You crouch down, narrowing your eyes, and pounce on her, but she slides away just in time and holds you down. Your pelt burns with embarrassment, and you get up. You land a blow on her head, and one on her side. She accidentally snagged your ear with her claw, and you have to see the medicine cat.
  3. The medicine cat isnt here, so Falconpaw has to help you instead. She gives you some ointment, and glances at you shyly.
  4. Hi Badgerpaw. Are you ok? Lightningpaw asks you.
  5. Thunderpaw asks you about a million questions, and then looks up at you expectantly.
  6. Eaglepaw takes you to the forest, and races you. She wins, and starts bragging. Then she says: Thanks for coming with me! And she goes back to camp.
  7. You are going back to the apprentices den, and accidentally trip on Hawkpaw while she is eating a mouse. She gets up and glares at you. You duck your head nervously, but all you feel is her soft tail brushing your tail.
  8. You bounce happily back to your nest, but Ivypaw, your sister stops you. You love one of them, dont you? She asks.
  9. She looks at you thoughtfully and shuffles her paws. Do YOU like anyone? You ask her. She blushes a little and stares at her paws. Ummm...
  10. Well... I... Oh FINE! Its Redfern.... She mewed turning crimson.
  11. Who do you love most?
  12. OK BYE!

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