Warrior Cats Love Story(She-cats only)part 2

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This is part 2 of Warrior Cats Love Story(she-cats only)Preview:You are a young she cat with 4 toms in love with you,you like all of them but in the end 2 toms will die and 1 tom will betray you in mating with your sister,leaving you with 1 tom to be your mate.

If you didnt take part 1 please take part 1 of Warrior Cats Love Story(She-Cats Only)part 1.I hope you like and depending on which ticket you get will depend if you move on to part 3 ok,if you see a result saying this(if you got this dont do part 3)dont do part 3 your quiz ends here if you get a result saying this(if you got this move on to part 3)have a nce day

Created by: StreamNight

  1. In part 1 is where your clan was attacked by a badger right?
  2. So as I was saying, A badger jumped from behind the bushes and started attacking swiftclaw, SpiderFur and Foxtail are both protecting you but...The badger ran away but SwiftClaw had died.
  3. You go to your favorite spot in the camp and you stay there for half the day. You see SpiderFur grab a vole and come to you"Want to share this vole its your favorite food."he mews politely, What do you say?
  4. After you finish eating you go into Spiderfurs nest(he said you can sleep there)Foxtail comes in and asks if he can talk to you. You accept his off and walk all the way to a clearing in the forest"NightGazer i like you"he meows. What is your reply
  5. In the morning you see Foxtail taking to ciderfur,then he licks her. Before you can do anything SpiderFur runs to you and mews"Its ok they have been mates since Foxtail became a warrior"you are so mad that you come with SpierFur on a hunting patrol.
  6. When you get back to camp FoxTail walks up to you, "NightGazer do you want to share a Vole with me SpiderFur told me its your favorite food?"he mews"NO"you growl"Last night you told me that youliked me then spider fur tells me that you are mates with my sister, I wish i never met you."you yowl at him and you refuse to talk to him for 5 moons.
  7. (5 moons later)You wake up to see SpiderFur leaning over you"Wake up Its time for breakfast"he whines"Ok ok im up"you laugh,you and spiderfur have been getting close and every morning you and him eat breakfast together you havent talked to Foxtail in a while.after breakfast SpiderFur walks over to you"NightGazer can you come i ask you something?"he asks.
  8. "I have a crush on a she cat and i was wondering if you could tell me the best way to ask her to be my mate"he mews"So you can take her to a nice place in the forest and then tell her you like her then ask her to be your mate"you reply."can you come with me for a sec"he asks, What is your reply
  9. He takes you to a meadow in the forest and....he says"Nightgazer I have liked you since we were kits and so I was wondering if you wanted to be my mate?"he mews.What is your reply(whatever you choose you will end up being his mate unles you are a med cat then if you get a 40-50 or a 20-30 or 10-0 then dont take part 3
  10. When you go to the camp FoxTail rushes up to you saying"Why didnt you mate with me!?!?"he growls."YOU HAVE A MATE AND I LOST MY INTEREST IN YOU AND FOUND OUT I WANTED MY KITS TO BE SPIDERFURS AND MINE?!?!?!?"you yowl. A few moons later you have 2 its barkkit(tom barkfur)andStarkit(she cat StarStream-she can see dead cats and she is mysterious)
  11. And Then.........Then............Then.......And.........(GET ON WITH IT)Then........CLIFFHANGER.....Do part 3 if you get a ticket saying move on to part 3
  12. Please like,comment,both,or none,and do part 3
  13. Did you like the quiz??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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