Warrior cats Love Story(she-cats Only)part 1

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You are a cat named dawnkit/paw, this test is about 3 toms that are in love with you at the end one of the toms will die at the end.......have fun....

Oh and you are in Snowclan and this quiz is for she cats only dont worry toms im doing a tom version soon ok...good.Have a nice day and quiz time.Bye.

Created by: StreamNight

  1. You open your eyes to see a she-cat looking at you"She opened her eyes"the she-cat says. Then 2 toms come to you and start laughing at you."she has a long tail and long ears.look at her fur she looks like a cat from stream clan," they both laughed. Then a smaller tom that had a gray pelt and white paws with a black muzzle."Stop mocking her"mewed the tom."sorry about that im Silverkit,and those toms are bluekit and lionkit."What do you do?
  2. You go outside to play mossball with your sister. Then you bump into Lion kit."sorry"you both say at the same time. Then you see him slightly blush a little and then you go play mossball with lion kit blue kit silver kit and your sister sand paw. Blue kit passes the ball to you and you see sand paw cast a glance at him and then blush at him*She must like him you*you think. Who do you pass the ball to?
  3. you are now 5 moons old and so are the other toms.when you grab a crow from the food pile you see sand paw chasing blue kit and yowling something to him that you cant hear. Then you see sand paw look at you and before you know it you are pinned to the ground with sand paw on you. She unsheaths her claws but before she can do anything the leader,HoneyStar, Grabs your sisters scruff and kicks her out of the clan.The toms run to you and start asking you questions. Who do you talk to?
  4. Then the leader jumps on high rock and Calls all the cats to the rock"Blue kit, Lion Kit, Silver Kit, and Dawn Kit(you), ate now 6 moon old, Blue kit will be blue paw, Lion kit will be Lion Paw, Silver kit will be Silver paw, and Dawn kit will be Dawn paw. Bluepaws mentor is Berrytongue, Lionpaws mentor is SoothClaw, Silverpaws mentor is ClawBone, and DawnPaws mentor is Starglow.(if a med cat then your mentor is leafysooth
  5. You go to the gathering with lionpaw. When you get there you see a tom,Then you see lion paw, and you go sit with lion paw. He licks your muzzle then purrs. Then the gathering starts you see the leafclan leader, LeafStar, start."My patrol has been scenting SnowClan on our territory."he yowled."Nonscense,We have been scenting LeafClan warriors on our grounds,"Mewed your leader.Then the Stream Clan leader,RiverStar,"Meeting dismissed"She yowled.
  6. When you get back you decide to go to sleep but before you decide to groom yourself,then silverpaw comes and grooms you.Then you purr. You go to the den and you see that their are only 3 beds that means you will have to share a bed,Who do you share with?
  7. In the morning you see bluepaw flirting with cinderpaw.Then you lock eyes with him and you run he chases you"DAWNPAW IM SORRY"then he pounces on you and you have tears in your eyes"Im sorry dawnpaw"bluepaw mews.he lets you go and lionpaw and silverpaw come and confront you.
  8. You decide to go hunt for something then you see blue paw and he walks over to you and he says"Im sorry about yesterday."you accept it and you guys are friends again.
  9. When you get back to camp you decide to take a little rest and you see that silverpaw is already asleep, You just chuckle and you decide to sleep to, so you get in his nest and sleep with him.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. Then all of a sudden you hear cats yowling and you jolt awake to see leafclan attacking snowclan. You jump into battle and you start fighting alongside lionpaw and silver paw,thinking bluepaw can take care of himself until you see him lying dead on the ground*NOOOOOOO"you say.Then leafclan retreats and you see.......
  11. CLIFFHANGER do part 2 and please like,comment,both,or none did you like the quiz

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