Warrior Cats love story quiz (she-cats)

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Thank you for the support guys good luck! I love you guys!!! ftcmvhftdcgvbjnk/lji;ytkurtygcvbnkjo;loyikugjvbnmk/l;oiuyitughcnvb,kj.;oilyitkugjvhjb,jkn.l;ouylikg

Created by: TreeFlight

  1. Hello! So there are many possibilities of getting a forbidden love story! Have fun!
  2. "You are a kit of Windclan!" Your mother, WillowFeather, says! "Welcome _______! go play with your brother and sister, acorn kit and meadow kit!"
  3. Today is your apprentice ceremony! Who do you want for your mentor?
  4. You got Swiftstar as a leader. You learn that he was made leader very soon after he became a warrior and never had an apprentice before! You start developing feelings for him...
  5. You go to your first gathering! A tom catches your eye and you go up to talk to him. His name is...
  6. AmberEyes comes up to you after the gathering and asks if you can meet up with him at the border tonight! What do you say?
  7. Anyway, you decide you can't. But during your patrol near Shadow Clan, you meet a really cut tom named AshLeaf. You to decide to meet up at nighttime.
  8. The plan goes badly. You decide the relationship won't work. Are you sad?
  9. Needed more questions I'm lazy!
  10. Sorry, another one! BYE!!! GOOD LUCK!

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