A Warrior Cat Love Story ~ She-Cats Only!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't written and love stories on here in a while. I didn't get a ton of likes on my last story, so I was thinking about some new ideas. I hope you like it and enjoy!

You, Frozenwish, are a beautiful pure white she-cat with blue eyes. Apparently, love is in the air as we approach leaf-bare. The only problem is, multiple toms like you! Which one will you love and which one will you choose? Read and find out!

Created by: Fallenhearts

  1. Okay, so lets get started!
  2. The morning is filled with the crisp welcome of leaf-bare. The snowy clouds hang high in the sky cover the warmth of the sun. You pad out of the warriors den, your fur rising along your spine as you stretch out in the chilly fallen snow. You are a beautiful medium hair white she-cat with pale blue eyes named Frozenwish. About a moon ago, you were made into a warrior of FrostClan, along with your best friend Robingaze; a smoky grey and ginger patched tom with emerald green eyes.
  3. You pad across the clearing, heading over to the Fallen Pine to see to your warrior duties. Suddenly, you bump into a cat, not paying attention. "Oww!" said the cat, leaping back a few mouse lengths. The cat was a silver patched and white tom, with blue eyes that were squinted. You say...
  4. No matter what answer you chose, the tom raises to his paws and looks at you. A faint frown was formed on his face. But after a few long moments, the tom's stern gaze faded. He then smiled. "I'll be okay. Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to the path ahead of me." "I wasn't either." "I'm Echostep by the way." You reply, "I'm Frozenwish." Suddenly, you notice the scattered herds and moss on the ground. You then rush to gather up the herbs. "Are you the medicine cat?" you ask. "Nah," he responds. I'm just helping out Willowheart with stalking the herbs. Her apprentice Maplepaw is sick with green cough and she need a helping paw." he suddenly cases a she glace over your shoulder. You spin around and notice Robingaze glaring at Echostep, his emerald gaze still as stone.
  5. Cloudleap, the deputy of FrostClan and your father, sends you on a sun-high hunting patrol with three other cats, Meadowbreeze, Stripewhisker and Hailpaw. You think..
  6. The patrol decides to spread off into hunting pairs, running off into different directions. You happen to be hunting partners with Stripewhisker; a dark brown tabby with soft grey stripes and amber pool eyes. You think...
  7. As you hunt together, your fur tips and his brush, sending an awkward tension between the two of you. You...
  8. After a while, the two of you split into separate directions. You scent a large rabbit nearby! You get positioned to hunt. As you get ready to leap, you hear a wait for help. The rabbit hears it too, racing away. You rise to your paws and listed for the sound again. You hear it again. Its coming from the river! You race as fast as you can. You run the river's side and look for any sign. Suddenly, you see a black head bobbing over the waves. Without a thoght, you dive in after him. And then,...
  9. Cliffhanger!!! So, what did ya guys think?
  10. Bye guys! Cya soon!

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