Warrior Cats Love Adventure #1(she-cats only)

(part 1 of unknown) In this first story, you, Frost-sky, are in love with either Flash-tail, the son of your Clan leader; Hawk-claw, one of your greatest

friends ever; and Briar-scar, the new warrior you just met at your ceremony. Who will you fall for? Will it be the mysterious yet handsome and talented Flash-tail, the kind, sweet Hawk-claw, or the brave, strong Briar-scar?

Created by: Bryce

  1. You wake up and smell the air. Ash-star, your caring Clan leader, said you and three other apprentices would become warriors today! As you walk out of the den, a tan tom walks over with a black and white tom. This is Hawk-paw and Flash-paw. "Are you ready to become a warrior, Frost-paw?" Hawk-paw asks you. "Yeah I am!" You exclaim. "I can't wait!" Flash-paw adds, "Once we're warriors, who will you ask to be your mate?" You all go silent. Hawk-paw, in all his handsomeness, slowly gazes into your eyes with his forest green ones.
  2. As you, Hawk-paw, and Flash-paw are sitting in silence, Ash-star, your Clan's, Storm-Clan, leader is climbing onto High Rock. She lets out a call. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath High Rock for a Clan meeting!" You, Hawk-paw, Flash-paw, and most of the other Clan gathers beneath the large rock. I'm not gonna describe the entire Clan meeting, but, all in all, you get the name Frost-sky, Hawk-paw gets the name Hawk-claw, Flash-paw gets the name Flash-tail, and another apprentice your age gets the name Briar-scar.
  3. You, Hawk-claw, Briar-scar, and Flash-tail sit through the silent vigil. The morning after the silent vigil is over, you walk over to this Briar-scar. He's a Calico! "Hey. I'm Frost-sky!" You smile. "I know." Briar-scar responds calmly. "Oh." You say. "Frost-sky!" Hawk-claw and Flash-tail run over to you. "What's up?" You ask. "Aren't you supposed to be on patrol?" Briar-scar asks. "We are! Our patrol is getting attacked!" Hawk-claw yowls. You, Briar-scar, and a few other warriors run to the scene with Hawk-claw and Flash-tail. You almost immediately get pinned down my a large black tom he claws at you. One of the warriors, a she-cat named Moth-heart tackled the black tom with another warrior named Sky-tail. Eventually, the attackers finally run away.
  4. You end up finding Flash-tail first. You quickly touch noses and go after Hawk-claw. You find him with a deep wound down his side. His breathing is shaky. Flash-tail runs off to find Briar-scar while Sky-tail runs over to help you with Hawk-claw. After you get Hawk-claw into the medicine cat den and find Briar-scar(he's okay) you sit down and share tongues with Moth-heart and Sky-tail.
  5. A few moons later, Hawk-claw is well again. As you are sharing tongues with Briar-scar, you see him running off with Sky-tail. You follow them. They enter a clearing and lay down together. Hawk-claw looks at Sky-tail. "Wanna have kits together?" He asks her. "Sure." Sky-tail whispers.
  6. Sure enough, what seemed like MOONS and MOONS later, Hawk-claw announced Sky-tail was about to give birth. Ash-star looks angry. "You weren't even mates!" She declares, furious. "So what?" Hawk-claw snaps. Then Sky-tail lets out a shriek and falls to the ground. "Sky-tail! What is it?" Hawk-claw asked her. "Our kits! They're here!"
  7. Despite what you chose, you follow Sky-tail to the medicine cat den. There, she gives birth to a white kitten, a tan kitten, and a white and tan kitten. She names the white one, a female, Snow-kit. She names the tan one, a male, Ember-kit. She names the tan and white one, a female, Tansy-kit. A few weeks later, Tansy-kit, Ember-kit, and Snow-kit are able to play and walk and talk. As you are watching them play, Flash-tail walks up to you. "Hey." He says.
  8. Despite whatever you chose, you end up talking to Flash-tail. "Do you wanna share fresh-kill?" He asks. You can't help but say yes. He just looks so cute! What do you choose to eat with Flash-tail?
  9. As you talk with Flash-tail as you eat, Hawk-claw walks up. You stare at him softly, but glare at him at the same time. "Frost-sky, I'm sorry. I didn't know what I was thinking when I had kits with Sky-tail," Hawk-claw whispered, "I've loved you since we were kits." You look at him. Flash-tail growls. Hawk-claw looks at him. Flash-tail lets out a yowl and lunges at Hawk-claw. Hawk-claw, not wanting to hurt his best friend, tries to dodge. But Flash-tail tackles him, hissing and yowling. Briar-scar jumps in to help Hawk-claw. Flash-tail gives you a look and claws at Briar-scar.
  10. You are forced to fight because Hawk-claw lets out a cry of pain. You jump Flash-tail, hissing. When Flash-tail tries to rake your face, you accidentally hit his eye with your claws. After that blinding blow, Flash-tail backs down. "Flash-tail!" Ash-star runs over to her half-blinded son. Brair-tail sits down, exhausted. Hawk-claw just stands there, frozen from the fight. You look at the ground. Flash-tail limps towards you. He growls at you He lets out a, "See you on the other side." and walks away.

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