Warrior Cats love story pt1

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This is a Lovestory and in this story you will meet 3 toms,Tigerkit and very brave tom,Foxkit a very ambitious tom,and Harekit a very cute and sweet tom.

which one will you fall for?Read more to find out...I also hope you enjoy this...I will be making a part two soon so just be patient okay..............

Created by: StreamNight

  1. First thing first what color is your pelt?No Effect
  2. 1.You wake up and look around to see a Reddish tom...What is your first thought?
  3. "Hiya I am Harekit what is your name?"He mews Good question what is your name?
  4. "Wow thats a cool name"he mews"Do ya wanna play Mossball with me and my brothers?" Good question do you?
  5. Whatever you chose you said yes but your answer effected your choice.Anyways back to the story.
  6. As you were walking out with Harekit you saw two toms,A big orange Tabby,and another Large Orange with Dark orange stripes.
  7. "harekit what is this Pip Squeak doing here"The Bigger of the two orange toms hissed"Tigerkit dont be so rude"Harekit came to your defense.
  8. A couple of Moons have passed and you have found out that their names are Tigerkit,The oldest,Foxkit,The second oldest,and Harekit,the youngest.
  9. It is time for your ceremony when Foxkit comes in."Get out cant you see I am grooming"you hissed,He just turns around but stays there"I came to wish you luck..."he mews"N-not like I care"he mews quickly blushing.
  10. Your names are Foxpaw,his mentor is Brimbleberry,Tigerpaw,his mentor is the deputy Frosttail,Harepaw, his mentor is Suntuft the leaders mate,and your mentor is Moonstar the leader himself.
  11. Okay pt2 will be out soon so...Bye.. Did you like this story?

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