Warrior Cats LoveStory(She-cats only)part 1

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You are a kit named Nightkit, you have 4 crushes their names are Spiderpaw(you meet him a little later in the quiz),Swiftkit,Harekit(he dies from a RockClan Attack),And FoxPaw

I hope you like this quiz take part 2 after you will just have to wait because it is still in progress ok. Have a great day and I hope you like this quiz.

Created by: StreamNight

  1. You are a kit named Nightkit and your parents are SilkFur(mom)and LilacStar(dad). Another kit comes in the nursery. "Hi, im Harekit"mews the tom"Wanna play mossball with me and 2 other toms"he asks. What do you say?
  2. What ever you choose you end up going with him. Harekit walks a little faster, then you bumps into a tom"Hey, watch it, are you blind or something im right here"he growls at you. "Dont be so mean Swiftkit," mews a voice from behind you. "Hi your night kit right, im Foxkit"mews the tom from behind you.
  3. When your playing mossball with Foxkit,harekit, and swiftkit, when all of a sudden a hawk comes down and swoops you up in its claws...Who do you call for?
  4. Whoever you chose you mom grabbed you from the hawks talons. Your mom took you to the Medicine Cats den. GrassTail said that you were fine you were just shaken and that you needed to rest. That night who do you dream of?
  5. When you wake up that morning you remember that it is your apprentice ceremony. Your mom grooms your fur and you walk outside your den. Your dad LilacStar, jumps on CloudStone and says"Today we have 3 kits becoming apprentices today,Swiftkit(Paw),HareKit(Paw),Foxkit(Paw), and NightKit(Paw).Who do you cheer loudest for
  6. You decide to go to sleep that night and you see there are 3 beds so that means you will have to share a bed with one of the toms"only 3 beds,Night paw you have to share a bed with one of us"mews harepaw....Who do you share with?
  7. In the morning you and your mentor SpiderLegs(or grasstail if you were a med apprentice). You were practicing hunting when you saw spiderpaw"What are you doing here you should be with DaisyFur(his mom and mentor)"you whispered"I know but i wanted to be with you"he mewed. Then your mentor comes out and tells his son to go home. What do you hunt for?
  8. You get back to camp and you grab a rabbit. You see Spiderpaw sleeping in his nest(Btw he is a little older then you).You decide to share your rabbit with one of the toms who do you share it with?
  9. After eating you got to sleep and you dont know it but you fell asleep in Spiderpaws nest."NightPaw..."mews Spiderpaw,"yeah,"you ask."your in my nest,but you can stay there I will just sleep with you,"he blushes.You both purr as you both sleep together,and its that moment you realize you were in love with your mentors son,Spiderpaw.
  10. In the morning you see RockClan attacking your clan.When you get out to fight you see a motionless body on the ground...It Harepaws....You fight with Swift paw,Fox paw,and Spider paw. Then Rock Clan retreats.
  11. Then Lilac star jumps on cloudstone"Cats of CloudClan we have 4 apprentices that fought bravely Swiftpaw(Claw), FoxPaw(Tail)SpiderPaw(Fur),and NightPaw(Gazer)
  12. Then all of a sudden a badger jumps out of the forest and.......and..........Then.............
  13. CLIFFHANGER......Do part 2 it is in progress right now so how did you like the quiz,Comment if i can do better or anything about the quiz,

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