Warrior cats love story part 11! (For girls!)

Many people love the Warrior Cats saga. I know I do. But what would it be like to have to go through the twists and turns of a warrior’s love life? This series of quizzes will take you through a situation where a young cat has to find out who she loves.

Do you love Shy Ravenpaw? Do you love Quick Whitepaw? Do you love Strong Graypaw? Do you love loyal Flamekit? Do you love Sneaky Darkpaw? Or Loner Bright? In this series, you live the life of this young she cat. You find out what happens, and who you love.

Created by: Rave098

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  1. “You met Bright?!!” Yowls Frostfur. “You met him?!!” I reply with, “I did not just meet him. He saved me from Twolegs! After I ran away, some Twolegs captured me and he saved me and a lot of other cats! He helped me find my way back!” Frostfur looks surprised, and then says, “If you want to know about him, ask your mom. She knows a lot about him, at least more than me.”
  2. I turn around, surprised. What would Cinderfur know about a Loner? I walk out of the nursery, and head for the warriors den. I had listened to Lionheart make the patrol announcements, so I know Cinderfur wouldn’t have a patrol until sun-down, and it was just now sun-high. I poke my head inside the tree, and meow, “Cinderfur? Are you in there?” A reply comes, “I am, what do you want?”
  3. “Cinderfur, I never told anyone about what really happened when I ran away.” Cinderfur looks at me, and says, “Go on…” And I tell her, I tell her about everything I saw or did while I was gone. “And you say the Loner’s name was Bright?” She asks quietly. “Yes, that’s his name. Do you know anything about him?” I ask quietly. “I do, and I’ll tell you. About 12 moons ago…” Cinderfur begins, “Nightclan attacked us. Bright was known as Brightfur then, he was a member of Heatherclan , and he was a strong and courageous warrior. When Nightclan attacked, he had never fought in a battle where he had lost to an opponent. Until this battle. Bright was fighting Nightstar, and all was going well. Until Frogpaw, a Nightclan apprentice, brought reinforcements. One other Nightclan cat joined Nightstar in attacking Bright. Bright tried his best, but he could not win against 2 cats. He lost, and was badly wounded. His pride was as wounded as his skin, so as soon as he could return to warrior duties, he left Heatherclan and became a loner.
  4. "He was so great of a Warrior that I even named you after him. That's how good he was. He always brought in the most fresh-kill, and always lead the best patrols. If he hadn't left, many cats say he would have been made deputy after Hollowtail died."
  5. Cinderfur stands up, and says, “Go back to the nursery. I have to do something.” I stand up, and walk out of the den and head towards the nursery. Cinderfur follows me for a second, and then heads towards the camp entrance. I enter the nursery, and Flamekit runs up to me, eager to play again. “Not now…” I say, my voice trailing off.
  6. Timelapse: I hear someone enter the nursery. I look towards the entrance, and See Cinderdur walking in. A black shape that was Nettlewish followed, then Heatherstar walked in.
  7. "It has come to my attention," Heatherstar starts, then sighs, "I'll say it the easy way. From what Cinderfur told me, it wasn't your fault that you were gone. Because you got captured, and didn't want to run away, you can go back to being an apprentice. And... You can be called Brightpaw again."
  8. ( I tricked most of you, didn't I!)
  9. I jump up! I'm Brightpaw again! I'm an apprentice again! If I ever see Bright again, I'll show him! I'll show him!
  10. Timelapse, again: I look back on what had happened that day. It seems like Heatherstar doesn't hate me after all. After I was made an apprentice again, I moved back into the apprentice's den. Ravenpaw's, Flamekit's, Whitepaw's, and Graypaw's punishments had been stopped as well. If anything, Heatherstar likes us now!
  11. (Not to action packed, but at least It's very important!)

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