Warrior cats lost love

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You will have fun in this game it's where you can live a life of a warrior and have all the fun you want so you could be a leader a medicine cat or a regular warrior and have a great life

You also have to face some challenges like where will your kids be born because they are half clan cuz you made the wrong decision or right decision and fell in love with a shadowclan warrior

Created by: Alyssa
  1. What gender are you
  2. What should your name be?
  3. You are in the nursery with your mother then you dashed off to?
  4. You and your brothers and sisters are finally apprentices what should your name be and what do you want to train in?
  5. You have been training and training for hours what will you do for a break?
  6. You are warriors now what will your name be?
  7. You fell in love with a cat from shadowclan what will you do?
  8. She cats only!! Oh no you're expecting his kids what will you do???
  9. She cats only again!!!!! The kids are coming what will you do?
  10. You are now and elder and you have three beautiful kits that are warriors you named them?
  11. You finally made it to starclan and what will you do up there?

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