Warrior cats: Forbidden Love!

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Forbidden Love is about a young she-cat (this quiz is for girls only) who falls in love with a cat from another clan. (your name) must overcome challenges facing love, heart-wrenching drama, and choosing between her clan or her beloved tom cat, or even both! Enjoy!

Forbidden Love is about a young she-cat (this quiz is for girls only) who falls in love with a cat from another clan. The young she-cat must over through challenges, decide whether or not she is in love, and must choose between her clan or her love... or even both!

Created by: Angelina

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  1. This is my first quiz so I hope you like it. How are you feeling right now?
  2. You just became an apprentice along with your 3 other brothers, Redpaw (your favorite brother) Twistedpaw, and Brokenpaw. Your mentor is Darknight, a strict tom who acts like he cares for you. "We have to get going," he tells you. He stiffens showing off his muscle underneath his fur. What do you say?
  3. When you walk into the gather area you sit down next to Moorclan. There clan is overwhelmingly big and have lots of strong cats but you say, "We are much stronger then them!" You tell yourself. Just then you spot a handsome young tom cat. What are your thoughts?
  4. When the gathering begins, Moorclan starts first and you find out, the handsome tom is Bramblepaw. "What a cute name!" You whisper. "(your name) pay attention!" Darknight whispers. You try and pay attention but Bramblepaw keeps you from paying any attention. It seems your starring at him and you can't keep your eyes off of him. When he notices you, he can't keep his eyes off of you either. What are your thoughts?
  5. After the gathering you cant stop thinking about Bramblepaw. He even kept you up all night. So you get up and take a walk down by the samll pond with in your territory. But your paws wouldn't stop once you got to the pond. They kept pushing you towards the dark forest towards Moorclan. "why cant I stop walking." You enter a clearing, which there you find, Bramblepaw!
  6. "Bramblepaw!" You say not even caring what you look like. "(your name) I was wondering why my paws took me here?" you giggle. what a goof-ball, what a handsome goof-ball! "I guess we were both following our hearts!" I reply. "Ya it just so happens to be that!" He tells you. there was a long pause until you said, " ever since I first saw you I was hooked! You are... very... handsome." Ypu say awardly. "I had the same feeling! You are very beautiful!" You feel hot and turn your head and blush. "thank you for the compliment!" You say still feeling hot and blushing. You turn your head and find him starring at you with his handsome blue eyes. What are your thoughts?
  7. You and Bramblepaw have a long talk about your lives and... love... and being mates... and having kits.... Not weird at all! You leave him by rubbing muzzles and twining tails. You leave just before the dawn patrol leaves so you can sneak into your den and act as if you were there all night. You didnt want to say I love you right away. You just met the guy! But you really love him... more than any other cat in the world. Before you leave you tell him to meet here later tonight when everyone falls asleep. He agrees and you head back home swiftly but quietly.
  8. You safely make it back home and creep into your nest and close your eyes until Darknight comes in and says, "We have to start training.
  9. Cliffhanger! You get up and starting learning things to become a warrior! But Bramblepaw is on you mind and distracts you from learning!
  10. hope you guys liked it. part 2 will come put soon. Bye guys!

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