Warrior_Cat_Love_Story: Warrior(part 2)

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Welcome to Part 4 of my quiz! In this quiz, you have kits! A new prophecy is rising…will you survive? There are lots of obstacles coming your way and you need to help your kits survive and help your mate too!

So, who will you get? Will you get Scorchwhisper, Muddystorm, Foxclaw, or Crowleaf? Scorchwhisper is a light brown tabby tom with orange eyes, Muddystorm is a dark brown tabby tom with pale yellow eyes, Crowleaf is a black tom with violet eyes, and Foxclaw is a dark ginger tom with eyes the color of the sun.

  1. First, I want to acknowledge Rainsong and RippleCloud for colmmenting and helping me come up with a prophecy when I was WarriorsLover66. I was just wondering if anyone even cared for my quizzes.
  2. Rainstar soon jumps on the meeting place, the Rockpool, and yowls, "Let all cats old enough to be apprenticed gather 'neath the Rockpool for a Clan--" he pauses, "exile and other stuff!" Uneasy murmurs rippled throughout the camp, watching x______x walk towards gathering cats, trapped in between Acornpaw and your mate.
  3. You stayed inside, letting your kits nurse. Leafkit, Stormkit, and Ashkit were nuzzling into your belly fur. You listened to your dad: "x_______x has given Emberflower….deathberries in a mouse. Acornpelt?" Acornpaw must have gotten her full name. She had some white-and-red thing on his claw, which you realized was the mouse. "Here, Rainstar!" Acornpelt said. "Right. x_______x will now be exiled for performing such a feat, and he shall be killed if found on our territory."
  4. Instead of cheering like a ceremony greeting, insults were hurled at x_______x. "Crowfood-eater!" "Cat murderer!" "Pile of fox dung!" You winced as you heard and the kits' tiny claws dug on to your belly. You tried to keep still. In the nursery, Hopespark looked at you sympathically. "It's hard knowing, isn't it? A cat tried to murder you because you chose ________ over him . . ." You nodded.
  5. “Now,” Rainstar silenced the crowd. “We have a ceremony to preform. Hopespark, tel your clan the news.” Hopespark stepped up. “Cats of SunClan, I will be stepping down as an elder. Now, Rainstar, appoint the new deputy.”
  6. “I say these words before StarClan, that they may approve my choice. The new deputy will be….EMBERFLOWER!!!!” Rainstar yowled out your name loudly. “But she’s a queen!” Spmepne yowled. “Foxclaw will be taking care of her duties when she’s a queen.” “Emberflower! Emberflower!” SunClan chanted your name.
  7. Timeskip to 3 moons later . . . "Catch, Stormkit!" You pricked your ears as Leafkit tossed a moss ball to her brother. Ashkit got it first. You watched the game go on, but felt slightly uneasy . . . You felt something around. And before you could notice anything, a shadow leaped towards Ashkit. You yowled and attacked the attacker. It was x______x! Between bites and scratches, you hissed, "You," bite, scratch, "Will not," kick, "Harm," another sharp bite," "My kits!"
  8. The next morning, you were greeted with a large crowd of cats. You see Crowleaf nervously walking towards you, his black pelt glowing lighter as the sun’s rays hits him. His ice-blue eyes have no expression as his long bushy tail flicked back an forth. "Hey, Emberflower..." He started off before you purred and licked his cheek thoughtfully. "Ya you've came to congratulate me, thanks Crowleaf!" You pad off with your tail swaying to and fro. You look back and see his eyes full of shock and his jaw dropped to the floor. Scorchwhisper glared at him as he walked away, Foxclaw looked sad, and Muddystorm tried to claw him.
  9. And….
  10. Cliffhanger!
  11. Cliffhanger!

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