Warrior Cat Love Story

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A quiz with 4 different endings! Will you love the mysterious but kind one, the arrogant but handsome one, the calm and smart one, or will you have a forbidden love?

There are different endings for whichever cat you pick as your mate. HAVE FUN!!! This is just a bunch of extra writingJdjdjdmdmdmdmcmdmdmmdmdMdmdmdmdmdmdmdmdmmdd

Created by: ChameleonLeap

  1. You woke up in the apprentices den. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. You can hear the hustle and bustle as RedFoot is setting up the dawn patrols. You see your mentor DarkPelt standing in the entrance of the den and grinning, “C’mon, (Y/N) let’s go on patrol!” You trot out of the den and follow him to the entrance of SunClan. TroutWhisker is waiting along with SharpStrike and CheetahStar- wait, you think, shouldn’t CheetahStar stay here to lead the clan? CheetahStar smiles and announces, “Don’t worry, (Y/N), I’m just here to say goodbye to this patrol!” He pads off and gives you a quick glance before going off. You sigh, your warrior assessment is today. As you pad out of camp you feel SharpStrike’s gaze in the back of you head. DarkPelt asks you what you want to do first, mark the borders, or hunt. Your answer is-
  2. No matter what you chose you come back with 3 plump jays and a rabbit. DarkPelt turns to you, “Great job, (Y/N) you just passed your warrior assessment!” “What?” You say. It turns out that your dawn patrol was actually your assessment! “All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Low Branch!” CheetahStar calls. You’re eyes widen as you rush to the Low Branch. “(Y/N) has passed her warrior assessment and now it’s time to make her a warrior, please step up to the Low Branch, (Y/N).” You walk up the pile of rocks and jump onto the Low Branch. “Do you promise to uphold the warrior code?” He asks you. “Yes!” You reply, unable to hold in your excitement. “Then your new name shall be, (Y/N). Congratulations!” CheetahStar puts his nose to yours and a deep purr rises in his throat. You stare at the young leader, who was just made leader after your old leader, TreeStar, who was swallowed by the churning river. CheetahStar looks into your eyes and licks your ear fondly. Your response is-
  3. Eventually after a few seconds you back away as everyone chants your name, even SharpStrike seems happy for you! You sit your vigil, and a week passes.
  4. The night of the gathering.... you cross the Stepping Stones and you gasp as you face many cats. TroutWhisker whispers to you, “First time, huh?” You stare after him as he trots into a large crowd of cats from all four clans. Your stomach churns as you wonder where to go. “Don’t worry, I’m sure everyone will love you.” SharpStrike pads next to you as you walk. You sit down next to SharpStrike you wraps his tail neatly around his paws. A large grey tom pushes his way through the crowd to join a small group of cats, including you and SharpStrike. He glances at you at you and tells you his name is AshFlight. You tell him your name and you two get into a friendly conversation. “And I said, ‘I would rather be eaten by a shark than eat a frog!” AshFlight laughs at your joke and smiles. He settles down next to you and continues to talk until the gathering starts. You notice that SharpStrike is closer to you and he’s beginning to entwine his tail with yours. You-
  5. As the Gathering goes on you whisper to AshFlight, “I thought my first gathering would be exiting.” He replies, “C’mon, follow me.” He pushes through the crowd with you right at his tail. He leads you to the edge of the island and licks your ear shyly. He looks into the water and sits on his haunches. You keep away from the water and watch him. After a few minutes of keeping quiet he tells you to meet him here tonight.
  6. You creep across the Stepping Stones and see the outline of AshFlight. You bound to him and AshFlight greets you by licking your ear. He sits down in a bush and beckons you over. He has a small lavender at his paws and he picks it up. He then puts it behind your ear and murmurs, “It’s so pretty!” You flush red and look away. He shuffles his paws and stammers, “I-I really like you, (Y/N), and I want to be with you...” you nervously sit down. “We’re in separate clans, and we can’t be mates....” he looks up at you, “We can run away together, we could be mates somewhere else, where we don’t have clans and cats telling us to do what we don’t want to do.” He stares right into you “Will you come with me?” Your reply is-
  7. If you decided to run away with AshFlight, STOP HERE. Go to AshFlight Ending Love Story is that’s what you chose
  8. If you didn’t then continue on
  9. When you get back to camp after declining AshFlight’s request to be mates, you feel your stomach drop as you see CheetahStar, SharpStrike, and TroutWhisker waiting for you. CheetahStar tells you that all three toms want to see you OUTSIDE of camp. TroutWhisker takes you off while CheetahStar and SharpStrike wait for you to come back. TroutWhisker presses his pelt against you and purrs. “I really like, you, (Y/N), and I want you to be my mate. Will you?” He stares at you for a long time before you answer. “Let me just see what the others have to say.” You reply. Next, it’s CheetahStar. He also asks you to be his mate, and so does SharpStrike. Which one do you say yes to?
  10. CheetahStar- CheetahStar Ending Love StoryTroutWhisker- TroutWhisker Ending Love StorySharpStrike-SharpStrike Ending Love Story

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