Warrior Cat Love Story!!!

Oooo la la!!! This is my first test soooo..... In this test you have to decide who you want as your mate!!!!!! There is SnowClaw FreezeTail And WhisperEye

They are all cuties here sooooo..... It might be hard to decide who you like.... They are all so sweet and have very kind hearts ♥ Welp I hope you enjoy this little rp!

Created by: 0_ArcticStar_0

  1. ArcticStar has given you your warrior name! What do you do?
  2. (It really doesn't matter what you pick) You run into WhisperEye. "Watch it!" Then he realized it was you. "Oh... (Y/N) sorry about that" What do you do?
  3. You walk over to your den, and try to find a new nest. FreezeTail looks at you shyly, SnowClaw glances over at you. They both have empty nests beside them. Who do you sleep by?
  4. (Doesn't matter what you chose) you find a nest next to whoever you picked. Then you start to have a dream. You're with your mate, and your in the nursery. You look over at your mate. Who is it?
  5. You suddenly wake up in the warriors den. You immediately get up and wander outside through the forest, not bothering to look who is behind you. You hear movement behind you in the bushes, It's WhisperEye! And then- SnowClaw? FreezeTail? "What's going on?" You asked. "Oh, we just wanted to see what you were up to." replied SnowClaw with a hint of amusement. Then you hear more sounds coming from the bush. It's a fox! And then another! What do you do?
  6. You fight off the foxes. Then suddenly, you get pinned down by one. What do you do?
  7. Whoever you had picked, they had grabbed the fox by the scruff and hauled it off of you. "Thanks!" you panted. You look at FreezeTail, and then SnowClaw, and finally WhisperEye. They all look at you with meaningful eyes. Who's eyes do you meet?
  8. ArcticStar comes running toward all of you. "What happened?" "A couple of foxes had attacked us." ArcticStar looked at you and glanced at the other toms. "Well, let's get back to camp." FreezeTail brushed his fur against yours while WhisperEye gave him a cold look, and SnowClaw's pelt started to bristle. You
  9. (Whatever you chose doesn't matter for this question) You all arrive at camp. You take some prey from the fresh kill pile. Then you look over, SnowClaw is sharing prey with this girl named WetWhisker! You
  10. Then, SnowClaw see's your face. (Whatever it was) He trots over to you and says sorry and he didn't mean it like that. What do you say back?
  11. SnowClaw stops you from walking away. He says, "(Y/N) I've always liked you, and..... I want to be your mate. I SWEAR! I'LL DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT YOU! Even if.... it costs my life." Then he brushed his pelt against yours. You
  12. (If you picked that you end up liking SnowClaw, this is what happens) SnowClaw purrs and you both walk to the warriors den together. You enter and FreezeTail looks at you with suprise and hurt in his eyes. WhisperEye wakes up and looks at you with anger. You
  13. (If you don't like SnowClaw this is what happens) SnowClaw looks at you with hurt in his eyes and walks away. You go into the warriors den and see FreezeTail and WhisperEye. They both look at you and motion their tails to join them. Who do you go to?
  14. (Continuing with SnowClaw and you) You curl up next to SnowClaw in his nest. You are officially mates. You
  15. (If you picked FreezeTail this is what happens) You snuggle up next to FreezeTail. “Do you want to be mates?” He asks. You say
  16. (If you agree with FreezeTail that you want to be mates, here’s what happens) “I love you (Y/N)” You say “Me too” Are you happy with this ending?
  17. (If you walk to WhisperEye or away from FreezeTail this is what happens) You go over to WhisperEye and lay down next to him in his nest. He scoots over closer to you. And licks your fur. ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH YOUR DECISION?

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