Warrior cat love!!! Part 1!!!

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Hello! Want to know witch warrior cat Tom you love? Witch one sparks your interest?!?! Well this is the quiz to find out! So what are you eating for?!? Take it NOW!

Oh and HAVE FUN! I don't know how many parts I'm going to make but. Stay tuned for the next one!!!!

Created by: Whitestar

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  1. You wake up to a new day! The sun is shining the birds are signing and there are no clouds. You are put on a hunting patrol with Hawktail Shadowclaw and Silversky. And Hollyberry your sister is leading it. She tells you to pair up with some one to hunt you:
  2. After the hunting patrol you come home with two mice. Its sunhigh And Hawktail wants to share touges with you. What do you do?
  3. It's the night of the gathering,Shadowclaw wants you to sit with him you:
  4. You go back to bed after the gathering. Silversky wants you to sleep with him you:
  5. The next morning Shadowclaw gives you a flower you:
  6. You come back from a boarder patrol and Hawktail grabs you and looks you in the eye and says:"I love you." You:
  7. It's dusk,you see Silversky coming to you. He pushes you in the dark den and jumps on you purring.....
  8. Who do you love?
  9. Its a battle you are faced with a choice:
  10. You fall from a tree. Who will save you? (You pick the one you love.)

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