Warrior cat Clan quiz!

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Do you like Warriors? Do YOU wanna find out what clan you belong in? Just anwers some question, and you will find out without any muscle use! WARNING: FUN!!!

Theese questions DONT test you knowlege on Warriors. Its a test to see what clan you belong in. You may pick what you want. There is NO right/wrong anwsers...WHY ARE YOU READING THIS?! JUST START ALREADY!

Created by: Miriya
  1. Dogs have invaded your camp! A strange cat goes to you and says he knows how to get rid of them, but theres a price. Do you ask him what?
  2. You ask the cat the price, and he says, "You leader DIES by my claws!" *evil grin*
  3. You see some twolegs! You try to run, fall over a cliff and get knocked out! Then, oh crap! You in a cage! Your first reaction is:
  4. Its your clan VS Shadowclan! You fighting off another cat, when you a yelp of pain. You turn to see your sister with a broken leg! The cat shes fighting has an advantage! You:
  5. You've taken hostage by another clan. What cat(s) do you kill first?
  6. Want more questions?
  7. Your love life is from another clan!
  8. Whos the worst?
  9. Whos the best?
  10. One more question!
  11. Your best friend is dead. What do you say after his/her death?

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