W.O.F love story part 2 which dragons are you(Has3 fan tribe

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This is quiz part two of W.O.F love story !! Sorry this is so short , I wanna get some sleep in this lockdown this year in good ol 2020 !!6:00 is time we go to sleep ! And I mean 6:00 in the mornin !! Ima sleep for one hour :.)

Hope you enjoy my quiz !! For people in 2020 or 2025 , 2029 , or 2030 people , have a great day , and 2020 people , have a great lockdown , please don't go insane !!

Created by: HopeClaw
  1. A dart flew into Alligators head , and he did not wake up . No one else notified but you . You :
  2. Webs looked around the room and saw saw you trying to help Alligator . He ran over and told you to go get Sunny ! Or Clay , or tsunami . You ran and got -
  3. when you where at the history cave door to get either Tsunami , Clay , Sunny , or ask Starflight what to do , you stoped in your tracks . " I , will choose for you , " said a female dragon voice to the left of you . You expected to see someone . But no one was there . ( I just wanted some warrior art , this is not mine ! ) you :
  4. " go and get sunny " said the dragon . So you did . You and Sunny ran to the history cave . Then you saw Speckle ! He walked up to you and asked what had happened . You told him everything. Then a merged next to you , they had a forked black tounge that kept slithering in and out now that got to see them . They had silver scales and black stripes , they also had curled horns , and a necklace that shined purples and blues in the tour he light . You :
  5. " my names Hope . I'm sorry about your friend Alligator . He just had to be , out of the way , if you know what I mean Speckle." Speackle nodded in embarrassment, does he know this dragon ?! you thought to yourself . " yes , he does know me . By the way , I can read minds everynow and then , so please be careful with your thoughts , " she glared at Star .
  6. All of sudden , you cant remember a thing , except that you should be careful with your thoughts . You then rush into the history cave , to see that Alligator was now being taken away somewhere . You offered to help , but Sunny said that both winglets should go back to there caves . You :
  7. You walked back to your dorm , you go to sleep and ' wake up ' in totally different place ! " Just " " NO !!! I DONT LIKE DREAMVISTING !! IT MAKES FEEL SICK !! " a second voice entupted a first voice . " your already in one " said a oddly familiar voice . " Snow , just talk to her !!! " said that familiar voice again . " uuummmm.... " you bugged in . " who's are you ? And how are both of you dream visting me ? " you asked . " I enchanted a special stone !! I'm not an Animus tho , I'm something - " " No !!!!!!!!!!!" Said the second dragon . " well I'm Hope , And this is Princess Snow of thaw RockWings " you :
  8. Cliffhanger cause I wanna get some sleep before I wake to another quarantine day and homeschooling . Hope you have / had a great day / night !!
  9. Did you like de quiz :)
  10. Have to do one more question so , which one u want ?

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