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Stay awake/Get a grip and get out you're safe/From the weight of the world/Just take/A second to set things straight/I'll be fine/Even though I'm not always right

I can count on the sun to shine/Dedication takes a lifetime/But dreams only last for a night/Figure you up/You're tripping/So pull yourself together or you'll/Wash out like the rest

Created by: Riptide
  1. What are the primary colors?
  2. What are the secondary colors?
  3. What is the first agency of the Four Agencies of Artwork?
  4. What is the second agency of the Four Agencies of Artwork?
  5. What is the third agency of the Four Agencies of Artwork?
  6. What is the last agency in the Four Agencies of Artwork?
  7. What is a citation?
  8. What are the forms?
  9. What are the techniques?
  10. What is a subjective artwork?
  11. What is a cultural artwork?
  12. What is a post-modern artwork?
  13. List two ways of decorating clay.
  14. Shrinkage is a property of clay. The moisture within the clay dries. By how much does it shrink?
  15. Plasticity is another property of clay. What does it do to the clay?

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