Vegeta The Prince of all Sayains

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We all know about Vegeta being the Prince of all sayains and being this tough guy who likes to fight, but how well do you really know him? Are you trully a fan? find out by taking this quiz.

I created this quiz to remind people about how awesome Vegeta is and also to test people's knowledge about him, many people love him, but do they really know him?

Created by: Sonny
  1. Does Vegeta have any siblings?
  2. When vegeta was dying on Namek, what did Vegeta say about his personality and Freza?
  3. What is Vegeta explicitly Known for?
  4. Who is the youngest of Vegeta's children?
  5. Before Vegeta sacrificed himself what did he do?
  6. Why did the magician choose vegeta as his victim to control in the buu saga
  7. What was Vegeta's ultimate Goal?
  8. Who did Vegeta arrive on Earth with?
  9. When did Vegeta finally drop his pride towards Goku?
  10. Did Vegeta ever reach super sayain three?

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