how well do you know Prince Of Persia?

How much do you know about the Prince and his beloved Babylon? Farah: Give me the Dagger. Prince: (Grabbing her) Who are you!?!?!?! Farah: I am Farah. The daughter of the Maharajah from whom you stole it. This is your doing! Prince: I saw my father turned to sand!!! Farah: And we will share his fate, if you do not give me the dagger now!!! "•Farah and the Prince- Their first meeting. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Are you a genius when it comes to the prince of persia: sands of time series? Kaileena - Referring to why the Prince is trying so hard to rescue her. "You may wonder why I would let this come to pass. So many dead, and Likely more to follow, an Empire reduced to rubble, a Prince cast to the streets and hunted like a common criminal. But I had seen the timeline, and of all the futures lay bare to me, this one held the most promise of them all, for the Prince would have an opportunity to set things right. Watch now, see the thing of which I speak..."

Created by: Ryan
  1. In Sands Of Time, where do you find the Dagger of Time?
  2. In Sands Of Time, who is the villian?
  3. In Forgotten Sands,360 version, Who is the prince going to visit?
  4. In Forgotten Sands, DS version, What does the prince forget?
  5. In Forgotten Sands, 360 version, who is the villian?
  6. In Warrior within, what is the prince trying to do?
  7. In Wrrior Within, What creature is trying to erase the Prince?
  8. In Warrior Within, what is the final sword named?
  9. In Two Thrones, What is the first boss fight?
  10. In Two Thrones, what weapon does the prince only have when dark?
  11. How does the Prince fall in love with on Sands of Time, and then Two Thrones?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Prince Of Persia?