Vampire Academy Love Story Part 2

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Hey guys! This is a bit about your character. Your seventeen and have a bit of a fiery personality. You love mechanics strangely enough and you have a strong passion for fighting. You are a dhampir after all. Half human, half vampire. You were born to be a guardian. A fighter to protect the Moroi, or vampires to be precise. You ran away from the academy with Rose and Lissa two years ago and started a mechanics course. You got a job and are having a great time! You have a sort of elemental power which is weird. You can control the temperature. That's all you need to know for now...

Hey this is Vampire Academy Love Story! We've got some twists and some turns and some downright moves! You can kick some serious ass girl! Mixed in with a little bit of romance and a hell of a lot of drama. Would you like fries with that?

Created by: Freeze

  1. Hey guys! I've decided to continue on with this story in the hopes that it will catch on. I've accidentally made a mistake on the results. It's supposed to be Aaron Drozdov not Adrian Drozdov. I was at school in Humanities and writing and I forgot his name but didn't realize I typed Adrian. Adrian Ivashkov won't be introduced until Frostbite. also I forgot to put Eddie in there. So sorry I'm just a bit tired today.
  2. *Recap* You were with Lissa and Rose and the Guardians to the Academy had found you. Rose was woozy because Lissa had fed on her and you got caught. More like Lissa made you put your guard down after you defeated a few Guardians. They put you onto a plane and split you up and you fell asleep. Got it?
  3. I woke up just as the plane landed on the flat tarmac surface of the ground. My ears popped as I felt a jolt while the plane stopped. I drowsily got up and almost fell out of the plane by tripping off the steps but a strong set of hands curled around my waist and guided me down the steps. I looked back and saw Dimitri. 'Sorry,' he mouthed and I suddenly knew what he meant. While I was sleeping they had drugged me so I wouldn't turn violent or not co-operate. "You know... if I didn't want to co-operate I wouldn't be here now." I said to no one in particular. "Alright novice, move along." Said a very unhappy guardian. I walked one step after the other. I had to focus just to keep on walking. Left, Right, Left, Right. We arrive at the academy soon after and they led us through the most embarrassing way ever. I guess it was payback for me whooping them epically in battle. They led us straight through the common rooms and I could see a distraught look on Rose's face. Then I realized. It was breakfast time... There was a murmur of several voices going through the room as we walked past. Poor Aaron Drozdov was across the room. He was Lissa's ex boyfriend and actually kind of cute but Lissa never saw him as that type of guy for her. He'd found a way to amuse himself though it seemed. He was holding hands with a Moroi girl I'd never seen before. But I didn't pay much attention to her. Everyone had stopped their daily gossip to stare and gawk at us. Rose returned their stares with a lazy grin but I just smirked. While I had been out in the real world they had been stuck in this place. I saw the usual faces. There was Jesse Zeklos, the major flirt and his friend Ralf Sarcozy. There was Mason Ashford and his cute blue eyes stared wide at us. Then there was Camille Conta, she still looked like the popular, prim and toned Moroi b---- that she is. She's still the self appointed leader of the royal Moroi cliques and off to the side, Lissa's cousin Natalie sat gawking at us. I gave everyone in general a wave and a knowing wink. The drugging had worn off by now but I was still a bit drowsy.
  4. We walked into the headmaster's office. Headmistress Kirova's office to be precise. She still looked like the old hag that we all hated and despised. She had grey hair and a sharp nose, tall and slim; common for Moroi's and Rose had said that she reminded her of s vulture. I'd have to agree... Rose had been to her office A LOT and when I say that I mean like a HUGE number of times... but that's not the most part... She'd only been to Kirova's office half the times I have. We keep sort of a tally. Most of the guardians left us when Rose and Lissa sat down but a few stayed. I was left standing; I leaned against the wall near her desk and pulled a piece of gum out of my pocket. I popped it in my mouth and started chewing. "You may sit ______." "I know." I said while blowing a bubble and remained standing. I noticed the only guardians left were Alberta and Dimitri. Alberta is the captain of the school guardians. They leaned against the wall much like me but more they looked more stoic and dangerous like the actual job description. Not like me who didn't care and it obviously showed. Kirova was angry and we all knew it but before she could start her major rampage a gentle voice stopped her, "Vasilisa." Rose was startled but I merely looked over and saw Victor Dashkov standing there. Correction, Prince Victor Dashkov. Lissa sprang up and wrapped her arms around his body in a hug. "Uncle," she whispered, she was on the verge of tears and tightened her grip. "I'm glad to see you safe Vasilisa." Then he looked towards Rose. "You too Rose." Then finally he looked at me and nodded his head in a sort of formal greeting. Like I was a real guardian, "________." "Victor," I said as I nodded my head back. He asked me to be his guardian a few months before we ran but I turned him down. I thought I was simply too young to handle the responsibility and I was. I was young and stupid and I never trained. After the incident I learnt my lesson. Rose nodded towards him as well and I let the shadows envelope me a little bit. Plus he had been sick before we left so I thought I wouldn't get much time out on the field before going back. He was about forty, he was Natalie's father too... but he looked twice his age... Pale, withered, his hands were shaking. A few years ago I would have softened at the sight but now I didn't move out of my position and blew a bubble. He wasn't technically Lissa's uncle but the Moroi tended to use family terms very loosely, especially the royals... Victor was a close friend of Lissa's family and had gone out of his way to help her after they died. Kirova let them have a few moments before stiffly addressing Lissa to sit back in her seat. Here comes the lecture....
  5. It was one of her best ones yet. She liked to make new ones for new special occasions. Which saying this was one of her best ones yet, that's something! She's an absolute master at them! Rose swears that's the only reason she'd gone into the school administration, because we all had yet to see any evidence of her actually liking kids... This speech covered her usual topics, responsibility, reckless behavior, self-centeredness, if that was even a word. I was ultimately spacing out much like Rose but I think Lissa was actually listening! Rose was staring out the window and I spat the gum into the bin from a few feet away. Then she turned to Rose and she tuned back in but the next thing I could here after her incoherent ranting about Rose was, "And don't even get me started on you Ms. ______!" She said in her derisive tone. Before she could speak again though i spoke up, "Well don't even get me started up on how much of a b---- you're being!" I paused for the look of total shock on her face. "It's bloody Moroi like you that piss me off Kirova! Rose and I were doing our jobs! We kept her safe unlike you! Unlike any of the blunder head guardians here! You want to know why Moroi like you piss me off? Because you f---ing think you know everything! You try going out on the field every day trying to protect your sorry asses that won't even use your element powers to help us! You think you're bloody above everyone else! All you do is sit there and wait till we've defeated the evil that was made from Moroi's! We're cleaning up your mess and all you do is pretend that you care what happens to us! Bulls---! I'm not gonna put up with this crap! If I wanted this I wouldn't have tried to leave this world behind!" I screamed at her and then punched a clean hole in the wall. I took my fist out and threw open the doors.
  6. The guardians tried to step in my way as I stormed passed but I had unconsciously heated up my temperature VERY high. It didn't affect me but it affected them. I pushed open the doors of the gym and opened a secret panel I had installed in the wall. Not even really caring if anyone saw. I pulled out one of my mechanical devices which was programmed to move and think exactly like a Strigoi. Even to shut down when defeated. It was one of my best machines yet! I dragged it across the floor after shutting the panel and went to the middle of the gym. I pressed a few buttons and it stood up by itself. "Let's see what you've got." I whispered more to myself than the machine. "Select mode..." It said mechanically. "Program 68247 attack mode." I said back sternly. "Access denied..." I had put in extra security. "Security precaution for access." I said to it. I pulled out the security remote I had and scanned my eye. Then I pulled out a strand of hair and an eyelash, I also scanned my fingerprint and pricked some blood and finally I scanned something no one else can replicate, my power. I only give the power when I want to so no one can ever replicate if they want to use or steal one of my machines. I usually strap them down with engineered metal which is also secured with the same system. I made it myself. I let the robot scan the remote and process it. "Access granted Master _______. Please select mode..." "Program 68247 attack mode." I replied for the second time. "Access granted." Then it changed. Its whole appearance and personality. It now had its own free will and looked exactly like a male Strigoi. "Prepare to be defeated." It said in a devilish tone. Except it wasn't in the normal mode that it was for a male Strigoi. It was someone I didn't expect...
  7. "What kind of a sick joke..." I whispered shakily. It was someone I knew from a long while back. He was there and he helped me when my father turned Strigoi willingly and then turned my mother. He held me while I cried and ultimately... sacrificed himself when my parents came for me. He told me to leave and not to look back. He had to push me out of there to keep me away. I remember it now... the house was on fire and he was caught under a burning rafter, I said I could help him but he knew if I did I would be caught in the flames. He knew of my power but even though I had it I could still get burned... I could still die. I had tried to cool it down but it was too strong for me. H-he wanted me to leave him behind. I had to do it... his last request was for me to stay alive and move on... but I never did... move on... 'I love you.' He said as I ran out of the burning house. I was half way up the hill from my house when I looked back... Just soon enough to see the explosion. I was hurt from it and rushed to hospital. I woke up whispering to a long gone Shane, 'I love you too.' That was before 'the other incident' with Lissa and Rose. By only a few moths and the wound was still fresh. Who would play this? Who tampered with my equipment? I was staring at him in shock so long that the machine had tackled me to the ground. It had me in a headlock and I breathed in and out slowly. It was clenching my throat and lowered down its lips to drink... I elbowed it in the stomach and kicked my leg up backwards into its groin. It released its arms and I stood up and into my fighting stance. As it got up and we threw punch after punch, kick after kick, I thought. What if this really happened? What if my parents still had use for him. But I blew away the thought, they wouldn't go anywhere near the fire... Or would they...? I dealt the last fatal blow after a long battle and stood shakily on two feet. "Machine program 29850." I said shakily on the verge of tears. It got up and returned to the original form. Then it opened the panel and strapped itself in. "Straps code 89643." I said and then closed the panel. I turned around to see a whole class of people. It looked like Mason Ashford was running the class today while the teacher had off. I saw Eddie Castile beside him gawking at me. Everyone was. They couldn't believe I had just done what I did. Novices didn't know that stuff usually. Then I noticed Dimitri and Kirova standing at the open doors. "Can I see you in my office please Ms. ______?" Then she and Dimitri disappeared behind the closing doors like they expected me to follow. Then I punched the dummy Strigoi that Mason had put out and I left a dent in it. And a big one at that. Right in the heart. To say it truthfully, I really wish it was Kirova. Then I exited the room and followed them.
  8. I shoved through the doors of Kirova's office once again and watched as she sat there. I walked over and stood in front of her desk. She didn't even wait for me to speak she just went. "Ms. _______! Do you know how much trouble you've caused? I should have you expelled! But I'm not going to do that because Guardian Belikov has said that he'll train you up to status with the other novices." I put my hands on her desk and lowered my head to her. "I don't need to be 'brought up to status' with the others because then I'd just be a dumb idiot running around thinking that maybe I can make a difference by protecting my Moroi. I'm more than up to code; I'm more than guardian level. In fact I'm due for some Molnija marks." Molnija marks look like two streaks of jagged lightning crossing in an X symbol. One fore each Strigoi killed. She looked generally shocked at this. "You are?" "I haven't told Rose and Lissa but just ask Jason. When I told Lissa and Rose to go back and that I'd catch up. It was either a guardian or a Strigoi. It was a dreadful mistake when they found us the first time. I wasn't well trained. They slipped passed me... I vowed never to let that happen again... what if it had been a Strigoi? So I trained, why do I need more? In two years of training on my own I got better results than I did here. Why should I get a guardian tell me what to do!" Instead she just stared at me. "How many marks do you need?" She asked pulling out a piece of paper. After what she saw in the gym she didn't question that I had defeated some. Especially if I had Jason on my side. He was my older brother, well half brother and he was a Moroi prince... I told him everything, well... almost everything. I started counting on my fingers but like I didn't really know. But I knew... every single time I killed one of those monsters I checked to see if it was my parents. I remembered every single face. "Thirty-seven." It was a lot. We stayed in a big city once. Big mistake... the bloody things were everywhere! Killed about twelve of them there.
  9. She started writing on the piece of paper as Dimitri stared at me in awe. Then she signed the letter and slipped it in an envelope. "I'll get them to do it as soon as possible Ms. _______." "Thank you." "Anyway, if you want to stay at the academy you will be training with Guardian Belikov after school. Rose will be training with him before school." "Bring it on." I said with a smirk on my face. There was no way this guardian could teach me something I didn't already know. Maybe I'd be teaching him. "You are dismissed." Kirova told me. "Gladly." I said while walking over to the window and unlatching it. "There is a door." Dimitri said. "Don't try to reason with Ms. _______. She knows there's a door there but likes to go out with a 'bang' or whatever she calls it. This is always how she leaves my office." "For once Kirova you're right." "Headmistress Kirova." I heard from Dimitri as I shoved up the window pane. "Right..." I said with a smirk as I jumped out. I landed on the ground pretty smoothly. I only really liked going out this way because 1. It pissed off Kirova and 2. Because it was the closest window to the church. Not that I'm religious or anything. I walked towards the white walls of the church and snuck in through the entrance. The reverend wasn't there but I still snuck quietly up the steps just in case. I emerged in the attic and sat down on the windowsill of the stained glass window. "Decided to come back have you?"
  10. I turned my head to find Christian Ozera standing in the dark. I patted the spot on the windowsill in front of me and he came over. He sat down and looked at me with questioning eyes. His parents had turned Strigoi willingly. He had to live with his aunt Tasha Ozera. He hadn't wanted me to go but I had to. Lissa and Rose were basically all I had and I couldn't bare them both in danger. "Yea I guess." I said to him as I cast my eyes downward. "We got caught." I said when he was just silent. He sighed. "Why did you go...?" He asked me sadly. "I had to... you know that." He tugged on my shirt at the shoulder and I scooted over next to him. I rested my head on his chest as he hugged me. "Don't scare me like that again." He whispered as he kissed my hair. "I missed you Christian..." I said quietly. "I missed you too _______." He replied. "Have you still got it?" He asked me. "Yes. Why wouldn't I have it?" I said as I pulled out the necklace that he gave me before I went. "Just checking." He said with a smile as he fidgeted with it. It shone in the light and I kissed him on the cheek. "I'm sorry but I have to go." "So soon?" He asked. "I've got training sessions with 'Guardian Belikov'." "Well make sure to kick his ass for me." He said as I stood up. "Can do Sergeant Ozera." I said with a salute and a smile. Then as a last goodbye for now he hoisted me up and twirled me around. "Ozera put me down!" "If you insist." He said but he just slung me up and over his shoulder and marched me outside. I pounded my fists onto his back while I laughed uncontrollably. "Christian!" I said as he carried me through the grounds towards the gym. People had started to stare at us and looked confusedly from me to Christian. They all thought he would turn Strigoi soon so he thought the safest place for him was the church because Strigoi can't go in there. Then people wouldn't suspect as much. But people could tell we were just playing around from my laughter and his glowing smile. He walked past Rose and Lissa and they just stared. I was with the social outcast and that was not a good sign for them. They hadn't known I was friends with Christian Ozera because I knew they wouldn't take it well. "Christian!" I whined again in the gap of my laughing. I was laughing so much it was difficult to breathe. I was breathing in and out. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you were having a heart attack ______." He said with a chuckle. "Christian!" I kept on whining until he put me down in front of the gym. "Well that was fun." He said while putting his arms by his side. "We should do this again sometime." "You know Ozera, sometimes you can be the most awkwardest person." I said with a chuckle and he joined in. "I know that."
  11. Hey guys that's part 2! I hope you liked it! I spent a lot of time on this one! I loved writing it though so I hope you love reading it! Don't forget to hit submit and Comment & Rate 10!

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