Understand my awesome language?

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Canyou understand my new language? Earlier today I saw ICEE CHILL did one so I made up a language and did it. Sorryfor copying. I want to tella GTQ Secret from 1 user butI'd beembarrased to say it in front of everyone.

The questions have no fuckin gibberish. It means something in a hidden code. Wanna know my secreyt I hide from 1 GTQ User? Then crack the code.

Created by: wolf75677

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  1. Ghffqwv wsjd 3de djdf ldmjposm.
  2. hGHtgHJ jhGhj gJ Gm gHgFf fRrTRtT HjPpSWqqZa cCb mJHcZsaq2 rYu dDftY 678 yDtgh
  3. Found out my secret for a GTQ User if you found out.
  4. None of these fuckin questions after this have effect. (Questions starting here and after have no effect)
  5. So... Lke coka cola? I do.
  7. Comment?
  8. Rate?
  9. Bye

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