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Mario Tennis has been played on N64 and come here sport. The Goombas are on all Mario games. Mario with 8 stars beat Bowser first time an gave the key.

Do you have the Tennis video game now? Do you finded all 4 Yoshis? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Adrian

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  1. How many different kinds Yoshis are in SMW?
  2. What is Mario's last name?
  3. Who's older, Mario or Luigi?
  4. What was Mario's first game?
  5. What was Mario's name in Donkey Kong?
  6. What are the hopping turtles with wings called?
  7. In SMB, how many coins does he get for getting over the very top of the flag?
  8. What is the maximum amout of coins you can get from a multiple coin box in SMB?
  9. On Super Mario 64, how many stars are needed to fight bowser first time?
  10. Which game did the Koopa Kids first appear?
  11. In SMB, what are all the Goombas replaced by?
  12. How many levels are in SMB2?
  13. When was Mario Tennis (N64) released?
  14. In SMB3, which can you NOT make a white mushroom house appear?
  15. On SMB, levels 1-4 and 6-4 how many invisible coin blocks can be found in the castle?
  16. I hope you enjoyed this Quiz?

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