All about Mario characters

There are many smart people that know about Mario, but few true masters. Master is, afterall, quite exeptional. Play this quiz to master your Mario skills.

Are YOU a master? Do you remember well all about mario? Until now you could only play the games. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you can master mario power!

Created by: sharooisthebest
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  1. The guy in the cloud that throws spiky turtles in super mario bros. is annoying! What's his name
  2. Peach gets fake married in which game?
  3. Who gets Peach fake married with Bowser to release the Chaos Heart?
  4. Who is Peach's BFF?
  5. Who is the princess mario met in Super Mario Galaxy?
  6. What is the catipillar's name?
  7. Who does Wario like?
  8. Who was the main badd guy in Yoshi's Island Series?
  9. Toadette is obsessed with what?
  10. What was Bowser after in Mario Party DS?

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