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Rick Riordan has been writing the Percy Jackson series since 2006. He started with telling his oldest son, who was a huge Greek Mythology fan, the story of the son of the sea god. But in 2011, after finishing with the beginning of it all, he tells the story of The Heroes of Olympus.

Now, this is the part where either you're fangirling/boying because you LOVE PJO/HoO or are completely confused about this. Well, either or, TAKE THIS QUIZ! That way, you can discover if you truly are a Heroes of Olympus fan! Also, if you enjoyed this quiz, look me up on Wattpad! I-like-it-tough

Created by: Blazing_Fire01
  1. Who is Percy's Father?
  2. Who is Piper McLean dating?
  3. How did Leo's Mum die?
  4. Who's Beryl?
  5. When is Jason's birthday
  6. What MONTH did Percy and Annabeth meet?
  7. What day did Annabeth, Percy and Grover arrive at the Lotus Hotel and Casino?
  8. What cohort was Percy put into at Camp Jupiter?
  9. How old is Nico Di Angelo?
  10. Who's born on December 17?

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