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Not everyone is a Genuis. To be a Genuis, you must be smart, capable, hard-working, and so much more. You must have brains to be a genuis. So basically everyone can be a genuis, but not really.

Do you think your a genuis? Are you smart? Capable? Hard-Working? Do you have brains? Do you feel like your a genuis? Have you ever been called a genuis? That's something to think about.

Created by: Eve

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  1. Full House was almost cancelled. During what season was it almost cancelled?
  2. When Jesse, Stephanie and Michelle get stuck in a gas station/mechanic shop, what do they miss out on?
  3. DJ and Steve tried to sneak Stephanie and Michelle into where?
  4. DJ left during one summer and went where?
  5. When Michelle, Stephanie, DJ & Steve came back from summer camp, what did Michelle sneak into her bag?
  6. When Stephanie participated in the school spelling bee, what word did she miss?
  7. Joey, Danny, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle were going on a trip. But, they had to go back home because it was foggy and planes can't fly in fog. Where were they going?
  8. When Becky had twin boys, what did they name them?
  9. What is the name of the TV show that Joey auditions for when he goes to LA?
  10. Joey and Michelle find a dog in the backyard. What is the name of the dog?
  11. After Joey and Michelle find the dog, they find out she comes from where?

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