How good at computers are you

A genuis is a very important thing to obtain. Being a genuis gives you a high rate of being a billion air because you can invent things that sell billions

If you want to be a genuis have to practice everyday for a long time you become very good at something like robotics or computers. You have to practice.

Created by: Kelly

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What happens when you hit control alt delete?
  2. What is the program that comes with your computer that lets you draw and type and color
  3. What is the best gaming computer
  4. How do you shut down your computer
  5. This is a pointless question. What is your awnser
  6. Ok now that where done with that. What is the worst space on a computer you can have
  7. What is the typing speed on this list
  8. Are you sure you want to finish this?
  9. Are you awnsering theese truthfully?
  10. Are you sure your awnsering theese truthfully?

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Quiz topic: How good at computers am I