The Ultimate N-Dubz Quiz!

There was many dedicated ndubz fans,there are some who have dappys tatto tattooed on their necks and change their name to tula constoavlos, are you one of them? Are you a genuis? Do you know as much about ndubz as i do?

Are you a genuis? Do you know as much as ndubz as ndubz do? Are you a master at knowing dappys birthday? Are you a genuis at knowing tulisas hair colour? Are you a master at knowing fazers real name? Well take a few minutes,do this quiz,and find out!!

Created by: Katchk

  1. What is Dappys real name?
  2. What is dappys real name?
  3. What nationatly are Dappy and Tulisa?
  4. When did Uncle B die?
  5. What is the name of 2nd second cd?
  6. What is the name of dappys son and girlfriend?
  7. What is N-Dubz home town?
  8. In which N-Dubz song did Wiley feature in?
  9. What is Fazers real name?
  10. What was the name of N-Dubz reality TV show?
  11. Burgulars broke in to Tulisas house after it was shown on...
  12. In Being N-Dubz Dappy and the boys threw Tulia in a pool and she got mad,where did she disappear of to?
  13. How did dappys girlfriend abuse him?
  14. What is the name of N-Dubz book?
  15. N-Dubz have plans to break in to..?

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