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    1. It's a hole. There is no dirt in a hole.

    2.Mt. Everest was always the tallest mountain even before people discovered it.

    3. EVERYONE has a july 4th! XD

    4. There were other animals eggs way before chickens!

    5. All months have a 28th

    6. -7 degrees is below 0, which water freezes at zero. A ball wouldn't be able to go through. 7 is the answer.

    7. Everyone is BORN only once!

    8. Moses didn't take animals on the ark! Noah did!

    9. With a bat and baseball, three strikes your out!

    10. 4 + 4 is 8

    11. When two numbers are back to back, that means multiply. 4 x 4 = 16

    12. It says DEAD people and they crashed on a RUNWAY which means they didn't get high up in the air yet.

    13. True! In fact, your whole body stops!
    14. I said N not n! That means NONE!


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