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  • I think you do a dis-service by not supplying the answers to the quiz questions. Why don't you?

    dfranklinbrowne Mar 24 '15, 12:08PM
  • How can see the correct answers.

    dfranklinbrowne Mar 24 '15, 11:52AM
  • GoToQuiz is helpful to learn about the Word of God, but I think it would be more helpful to know the answers to the questions I got wrong.

    Tao Nov 5 '11, 4:24PM
  • interesting and helps to learn the bible. Would like to get the correct answers to get corrected myself

    Leela May 5 '11, 12:18AM
  • how can i see the correct answers

    nathaline May 20 '10, 3:34AM
  • It's a good quize. How can we see the correct answers? suja

    Suja Jun 26 '09, 2:02AM

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